Arman Matin


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Skills for todays Visual content creation
VFX Director Project Lead Lighting Compositing

____________________________________________________________ Project Leading and VFX Supervision of CGI/VFX/Live Action content for film, commercials, interactive and immersive projects. Hands on CGI lighting in Maya and compositing in Nuke and After Effects ____________________________________________________________ Original concepts and content creation, directing all creative aspects of pitching, bidding, pre to post production, storyboards, treatments, bidding tests, designs, previsualization, live action production, VFX and fully CGI content. ____________________________________________________________ Live Action Directorial experience includes planning and directing , talent direction, car shoots, large green screen shoots on location and set, tabletop photography, motion control and capture systems, aerial cinematography, custom and standard camera/lighting rigs, time-lapse, high-speed, projection, VR. ______________________________________________________________ VFX experience includes conceptualizing, designing and developing unique looks/ideas, preplanning, on location/set supervision and overall supervision of the entire process of post production. Film and CGI production workflow from film scanning, Digital intermediate (DI), creative directing all phases of 3D production from modeling, animation, custom software, particles, lighting, matte painting, rendering, tracking, 2d design, motion graphics, VR, Interactive content, Live 3D projection, compositing to conforming and final delivery.

  • All aspects of Live action as it relates to VFX, Design and Post Production

  • Photoreal VFX, Greenscreen, Motion Control, 3d Projection Mapping, VR, Interactive

  • Lighting in Maya, Compositing in Nuke and After Effects, Character Driven, Design and Motion Graphics, Photorealsiic , Stylized, Artistic

  • Unique concepts for Interactive, Commercials, Music Videos and Film